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An interesting article on wheat stem rust, in Wired magazine, here

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A new learning module"Marker-Assisted Breeding" is now available here


One of the many challenges of scientists in the international community, particularly those in developing countries, is obtaining personalized, interactive support to address specific research needs. This lack of access to trained personnel, key literature, and an intellectual support system can limit the progress and success of research programs. As a response to these constraints, the Institute for Genomic Diversity, with support from the Syngenta Foundation and the Generation Challenge Program (GCP), has created the Interactive Resource Center (IRC).

The IRC is intended to be both informational (e.g., provides protocols, tutorials, literature and news) and interactive. Through the IRC’s Helpdesk, scientists are encouraged to submit questions on a range of subjects including laboratory protocols, technical problems, data management, and also on funding and training opportunities.

In collaboration with the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, the IRC now includes specific information for scientists working on sorghum and pearl millet. This information is now available through the Millet and Sorghum Resources webpage.

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