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Volume 1: Using Molecular Marker Technology in Studies on Plant Genetic Diversity: Learning module, M. Carmen de Vicente (IPGRI) and Theresa Fulton (Institute for Genomic Diversity, Cornell University)
See Table of Contents and download PDF files of Volume 1

Volume 2: Genetic Diversity Analysis with Molecular Marker Data: Learning Module, M.C. de Vicente IPGRI), C. Lopez (Universidad Nacional Agraria 'La Molina', Peru) and T. Fulton (IGD)
See Table of Contents and download PDF files of Volume 2

These modules, developed jointly by IPGRI and the Institute for Genomic Diversity, aim to promote capacity building and research biodiversity use and conservation worldwide through the application of molecular markers. They discuss the fundamental principles of genetic diversity, the qualities of the markers used to measure it and the most widely used technologies, including those based on proteins, DNA and the polymerase chain reaction. Explanatory graphics and photographs illustrate key experimental procedures, and real-life examples are given of applications to particular cases of genetic diversity studies and/or germplasm management. These should help in the use of the modules as a useful educational resource, whether as a self-tutorial or incorporated into a university curriculum. They also compare the various techniques - their advantages and disadvantages, and relative costs of each procedure to help the beginning scientist understand the key components for selecting those procedures most appropriate for a given research.
Because these modules were designed for use as a training aid or reference tool, lists of key references, references to extra applications and equipment lists are also given.
The modules are intended for scientists with a minimal background in genetics and plant molecular biology, but with a working knowledge of plant genetic resources and issues concerning their conservation and management. We hope that the modules will be particularly useful to scientists in developing countries, for whom print materials may be unavailable, expensive, or too quickly outdated. We also hope that they will be useful for science educators who wish to have access to a general overview of current DNA technologies and their possible uses in biodiversity conservation and use.

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