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The Laboratory Manual from the 2007 Marker Assisted Selection Training Course in Ghana. Download as a Word file. This includes DNA extractions, SSR PCR, AFLPs, and gels.

newTomato Transformation protocol from Joyce van Eck (Boyce Thompson Inst, Cornell University). View or download Word file.

Protocol Online , protocols and lab safety info, how to keep a lab notebook, and more

Fulton TM, Chunwongse J, and Tanksley SD. (1995) Microprep Protocol for Extraction of DNA from Tomato and other Herbaceous Plants. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 13 (3): 207-209. See the protocol here or download a pdf of the article.

Doyle, J.J. and J.L. Doyle. 1987. A rapid DNA isolation procedure for small quantities of fresh leaf tissue. (Phytochemical Bulletin 19: 11-15). Download pdf (from Doyle lab)
DNA Extraction Protocol using CTAB and GenoGrinder, from the IGD lab
DNA Extraction Protocol for lyophilized tissue, from the IGD lab
Principles of PCR (from Martha Hamblin, IGD lab)

Lab Manual from GCP-Pretoria, South Africa training course, including Safety Practices, DNA extraction, PCR, SSRs, etc. (Thanks to Andrew Kiggundu[Uganda], Chris Cullis[US] and Karl Kunert[FABI, SA]).

Basic Bacterial Mini-prep protocol, from the IGD lab

A list of protocols compiled by G. Lazo at USDA: http://wheat.pw.usda.gov/~lazo/methods/

Also see the DNA Extraction Troubleshooting page  
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